Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What factors impact the cost of a project?
A: Construction costs for any new build or remodeling project can vary significantly. In addition to the level of finish desired, many other factors are at play. This could include the ability for us to access the space (is it in a high rise or a stand alone building with lots of staging area?), are there adequate utilities in place (or do they need to be upgraded or moved?), and what is the construction schedule (do we need to expedite the work?). With answers to these questions, as well as a keen eye for finding efficiencies, we can zero in on a budget that meets the goals of the project.

Q: How can I find how much my remodel may cost?
A: I find this link ( found below) to be very helpful for estimating remodel pricing and how much it will increase the value of your home.
Remodel Link

Q: Do you have in-house designers and architects?
A: No, we do not have in-house designers or architects; we’re focused on being the best general contractor we can be. We collaborate with a diverse cadre of architectural firms and will match you with a designer whose expertise, style, and personality best serve you and your project. If you already have a designer selected, we’re happy to work with them as well.

Q: My project is small, do I need an architect/designer?
A: Yes. We need architectural drawings and specifications to guide our installations, so the services of a design professional will most likely be necessary. Even for small projects that don’t require additional design input, plans are necessary to efficiently and accurately communicate project expectations to our skilled craftspeople and subcontractors. They are also necessary to secure permits to do the work. The scope of remodels we normally undertake requires a design professional.

Q: Can you come look at my house, or house I’m planning on buying, and assess its “remodeling potential” so I can decide whether it’s a good investment or not?
A: Yes. We can send an experienced project manager to the site to assess the house and alert you of any potential problems we may find, for a small fee that will be credited back to you if you decide to move forward with the remodel or renovation.